Our story

We call ourselves “middle culture” people, for both of us grew up between worlds.  Both of our families were missionaries in foreign countries, and we learned to make home wherever God had our families.  I grew up in Peru, South America where my father still serves planting churches.  Lorena grew up in Spain where both of her parents continue to serve God faithfully.  We both understand some of the costs in living in foreign cultures. We also realize the blessing  and advantage it is to have grown up speaking two languages fluently.

By God’s mercy, Lorena and I asked Jesus to be the LORD of our hearts when were yet small children. We have similar testimonies of God’s grace in that God changed our hearts but continued to change and transform us. We have witnessed God’s grace, and by His grace we continue daily to know Him, center our lives on His divine message, and worship the King of kings.

6GWSCINbfKKhddk_5aE7angg5si9wjQNq6lPZNRmwMkAs a young man God allowed Jon to take several missions trips (2001, Ukraine; 2005, Peru; 2006, Peru).  It was during my first year of graduate school, that Jon began to seriously consider mission fields.  A close friend of mine encouraged me to take several survey missions’ trips where I could effectively “broaden my horizon,” and see God working in other countries.  On my first trip I visited Spain (2008).  Here I not only fell in love with the country and its culture, but more importantly I saw the vast need for the Gospel.  Spain is the least evangelized Spanish speaking country. 

wqDm1yEuTtCfuZNqRy6o5Y3LC4rAkyemjRAwEDkoON4Though Jonathan continued on with another survey trip (Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay in 2009), ultimately Spain rose to the surface.  In these countries the Gospel too was needed, but my burning desire continually turned back to Spain. It must be included that on Jonathan´s first trip to Spain he met Lorena. She was then finishing her college degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Salamanca (Spain). We were married two years later in her hometown, Salamanca. In a very unique way, our wedding was the start of our ministry as a family in Spain. Our relationship is a living testimony of God’s grace.  That day the truth of the Gospel was clearly shared to many friends and family that do not yet know the love of God.

We now live in Ponferrada, Spain were we endeavor by God´s grace to facilitate a church planting movement. We love our city and desire to see many hearts transformed by the power that can only come from the Gospel.

Another unique aspect to our lives is Seth and Crystal Grotzke. The Grotzkes desire to join us in spreading Christ´s Kingdom through out city and valley and all of Spain. God has placed in our hearts the desire to partner together as a team in Spain. Our goal is to first point the lost to Christ, enable church planting and train Godly leaders.